Resident Student Life Convention


 1.  Resident Students have to lodge in the dormitory for one year, except for special reasons, such as suspend schooling, change schools and quit school. After one year, floor chiefs will check the chamber. If all the things in the chamber are qualified, the deposit will be returned.


 二、住宿生應於晚上 11 時30分前返回寢室,並接受點名。 (若每月點名缺席次數達2次(含)以上,則會通知國合處)
 2.  Resident students should come back to the chamber before PM 11:30, and accept the floor chief’s roll call. (If resident students are absent for two times or more in a month’s roll call, the Office of International  AndCross Strait Cooperation will be notified.)


三、住宿生如須外宿,應於晚上 11 時前攜帶住宿證至輔導室登記,於 11 時前離開宿舍。
3.  If resident students need to sleep outside, he/she should carry the lodging certification to go to the Counseling Office to register before PM 11:00, and leave the dormitory before PM 11:00.



4.  Resident Students have to be quiet at 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. & at 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.



5.  When the scooters enter the third dormitory, please stop and verified as the regulation. If it is verified that the driver did not apply for the parking sticker, it will be locked for 24 hours.



6.  The laundry room has coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Please use the coins of New Taiwan dollar only. After using the machine, please take the clothes back as soon as possible to avoid occupying the clothes washing equipment. The laundry room is opened at 6:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.   



7.  If the resident students lodge in the second, third and fourth dormitory, who use tap water and electricity, he/she has to pay the bill. After the resident students receive the notice of paying, please hand in the payment on time.



8.  If a resident student needs to use the cooking room, he/she must bring the lodging certification to go to the Counseling Office to register. Every time he/she uses the cooking room, the time limited for 2 hours. After finishing using, please clean it up.


9.  If family or friends visit, they should bring certificates to register. Visitors have to leave the dormitory before 10 p.m.



  第一宿舍範例:台中市霧峰區吉峰東路168號 朝陽科技大學第一宿舍R601-1 OOO收。
  第二宿舍範例:台中市霧峰區草湖路62號之1 A1021-1室 OOO收。
  第三宿舍範例:台中市霧峰區民生路391巷17號 A101-1 OOO 收。
  第四宿舍範例:台中市霧峰區吉峰東路73巷12之16號 101-1 000收。

 10.  The address of letters or packages should be written in details, and   stated the chamber number, bed number and name; otherwise, letters or packages will be disposed as reject. 

   Example of the first dormitory : 台中市霧峰區吉峰東路168號 朝陽科技大學第一宿舍R601-1OOO收。

   Example of the second dormitory : 台中市霧峰區草湖路62號之1 A1021-1室 OOO收。

   Example of the third dormitory : 台中市霧峰區民生路391巷17號 A101-1 OOO 收。

   Example of the fourth dormitory : 台中市霧峰區吉峰東路73巷12之16號 101-1 000收。



11.  In order to promote resident students' concepts of disaster prevention, during the period of lodging, resident students should participate in all kinds of disaster prevention drills.



 12.  Resident students should keep chambers clean. Floor chiefs will check chambers. If resident students don't finish the check, the deposit will not be returned.



 13.  Resident students shall not have the following behaviors within the dormitory area:

(一) 未經申請進入異性寢室,或容許異性進入其寢室。

    (1)  To enter the chamber of the opposite sex without applying, or allow the opposite sex to enter the chamber.

(二) 在宿舍非規定區域從事設計習作及噴漆。

    (2)  Resident students shall not do the design project or spray painting in the dormitory.

(三) 惡意破壞宿舍公物、家具、寢室設施。

    (3)  Resident students shall not destroy the dormitory public property, furniture and chamber facilities maliciously.

(四) 抽菸、賭博、酗酒、存放危險物品或攜帶違禁品。

     (4)  To smoke, gamble, indulge in alcoholic drinking, deposit dangerous materials or bring contraband.

(五) 寢室內不得使用電磁爐、快鍋、煮咖啡機、電熨斗、瓦斯爐、電湯匙、電冰箱、烤麵包機等耗電量大之電器用品,以免跳電,或因使用不慎引發火災 (如因故發生火災,除家長應負賠償責任之外,當事者應負刑事之責 )。

     (5)  In order to avoid the power interruption or causing a fire accident because of careless use, resident students shall not use the electric appliance of great electric power consumption in chambers, such as electromagnetic oven, pressure cooker, coffee cooker, electric iron, gas stove, electric spoon, refrigerator or toaster. (If a fire accident occurs because of the above-mentioned behavior, that his/her parents should take the responsibility of compensation, the person himself/ herself should assume the criminal responsibility.)

(六) 擅自進住、遷出、頂讓或互換床位。

      (6)To move in, move out, sell or exchange the bed space without authorization.

(七) 未經准許,於寢室留宿非住宿生。

    (7) To allow non-resident students, friends or other people to stay overnight in the chamber without permission.

(八) 未經同意,擅自搬動公共設施或佔為己有。

    (8) To move the public facilities or occupy them to be as one’s own without approval.

(九) 在宿舍販賣商品或擅自引進商人散發廣告、販賣物品。

      (9)  To sell commodities in the dormitory or introduce a businessperson to distribute handbills and sell goods without authorization.

(十) 在宿舍內飼養寵物。

     (10) To raise pets in the dormitory.

(十一) 違反公共衛生、居住安寧或公共安全之行為。違反住宿生生活自治會所訂定其他規定。

     (11)  The behavior of violating public health, residential tranquility, public safety and the other regulations stipulated by the Resident Student Life Government.



14.  In order to use bed spaces legitimately, perhaps the Student Dormitory Counseling Office will change resident students' chambers and bed spaces, he/she can't reject.



15.  When a resident student enters the dormitory, he/she has to bring the lodging certification and be checked.



16.  Those who violate the above-mentioned convention, that his/her parents and homeroom teacher will be notified and handled according to the Student Award and Penalty Regulations.   


                                                    住宿生生活自治會 製

                                       By: Resident Student Life Government