*Introduction of all sections of the Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is the administration unit of counseling work. We emphasize the counseling of the students professional know-how and carry through the school motto of Diligence, Betterment and Practice with which the students can be educated to become high tech personnel with humanistic concern and technological know-how, in accordance to the ideal of skills at hands, knowledge in the minds, responsibility on the shoulders, people in the eyes, love in their hearts, and smiles on their faces. Our goals are as follows.

1.     Provide whole-personality education environment and cultivate the students’ minds so that they can generate positive values to help themselves as well as other people.

2.     Emphasis is put on student guidance, the respect to profession, and the physical training in order to cultivate the students to learn and behave with proper conduct, to be responsible and healthy.

3.     With the manner of self-management, self-discipline, self-respect, and self-love, we aim to counsel the students to manage their college lives by themselves and to stimulate their potentials. Likewise, they are encouraged to absorb the knowledge outside of the campus, and learn to control their emotions and develop beneficial interrelationship.

4.     Consolidate community service: we aim to cultivate the students to love their school, treasure their fortunes, and to contribute their love to establish an excellent relationship with the community.

Contact information:

• Phone: 886-4-23323000 ext 5002

• e-mail:stafof@cyut.edu.tw


Student Guidance Section

Purpose of Student Guidance Section: By offering counseling services to the students regarding their lives, we aim to enhance students’ perception of education on life, conduct, and democracy, in order to cultivate the students into responsible and cooperative people that obey law and order and behave with accurate view of life.

Our major tasks are as follows: 

1.     Enhance traffic control around the school during large-scale activities, such as freshperson orientation, etc. Provide counseling for students’ off-campus lives and launch a safety campaign to intensify the publicizing effects and prevent accidents from happening.

2.     Create the database for the students living off-campus to grasp the updated information for prompt contact.

3.     Alarm system for the students’ academic achievements and conducts to monitor their performance regularly. Attendance conditions are updated frequently. Reports are sent regularly to the colleges and departments for the advisors’ reference to understand the students’ dynamic situations.

4.     Landlord/landlady conferences are held regularly to understand the conditions of the students living off-campus.

5.     Enhance the operations of Accommodations Rental Service Committee by establishing accommodation rental information database and publishing accommodation rental guidelines for the students’ reference and inquiry.

6.     Student loan, waiver of tuitions and incidental fees, military service, and overseas Chinese services, etc are administered in accordance to the regulations.

7.     Enhance the control of vehicles on campus, such as cars and motorcycles. Traffic control is in effect during the rush hours (when the school begins and ends). Traffic service team is sent to clamp down on vehicles that violate related traffic regulations on campus to maintain traffic order.

8.     Renew the contents of our website, such as the application forms, online service, suggestions feedback, lost and found, etc. In addition, we encourage the students to use the online services.

Contact information:

• Phone: 886-4-23323000 ext 5011-5012 5016-5018

• e-mail:guidance@cyut.edu.tw


Extracurricular Activities Section

In the university, other than taking regular courses to enrich the students’ knowledge, we also encourage students to learn the skills of interacting with the groups in preparation for entering the society. Through participation in the extracurricular activities, students can learn how to think independently, practice their leadership capability and cooperative skills, and express their youthfulness and energy fully. It is believed that the students will have good memories for their college lives. The mission of the Extracurricular Activities Section is to provide consultations for the students to pursue the college lives of truthfulness, goodness, and beauty. As a result, the Extracurricular Activities Section is one of the administrative units that have closest relationship with the students. 

1.     Major Services:

• Providing consultations to the student clubs and promoting extracurricular activities

• Application of all kinds of scholarships

• Sponsor or co-sponsor large-scale activities

• Promoting the concept of community service

2.     Introduction to the student clubs:

• There are 80 student clubs in total, divded into 5 major categories: Comprehensive Student Clubs, Academic and Artistic Student Clubs, Entertainment-oriented Student Clubs, Friendship-oriented Student Clubs, Service-oriented Student Clubs.

• The Student Union, Social Service Team, Grass Root Culture Service Team, Emergency and Rescue Team, Drama Club, Hua-Sheng Chinese Music Club, and Yin-Yao Orchestra Club are evaluated as excellent and merit clubs in the Society Evaluation of the Student Clubs in Taiwan and won many awards in central Taiwan.

3.     Scholarships

• Offered by the school

a.    Scholarships and Financial Assistance: More than 80 million NTD of scholarship and financial assistance are offered, including Chichiang Scholarship, Work Study Financial Assistance, Academic and Conduct Award, Excellent Performance for students’ public work, etc.

b.    Emergency Assistance: Help the students who have serious changes or problems in their families to overcome the difficulties.

• Offered by sources outside the school: more than 100 kinds of different scholarships and financial assistances.

4.     Huge Activities at School Level: We sponsor Inter-departmental Chorus Contest, Christmas decoration for the whole school, Excellent Chaoyang Youth Election, Cheerleader Contest in School Birthday, and Literature and Art Month. We also co-sponsor the graduation ceremony, etc.

5.     Community Service: We give our concern to the elder’s home in the community and orphanage, etc. We also participate in the literary and artistic activities in the community and help organize the school’s activities in the elementary and high schools in the community.

Contact information:

• Phone: 886-4-23323000 ext 5021-5025
• e-mail:active@cyut.edu.tw


Health Service Section

It is the school’s responsibility to offer all the students, faculty, and staff health education to help improve their health. By consolidating multidimensional healthcare services, we would like to safeguard the security of the students’ and the faculties’ lives. By monitoring the campus, we are glad to maintain a healthy campus environment and promote community healthcare service to accomplish the goal of befriending with the neighborhood and forging a health community. The Health Service Section is formed under the Office of Students Affairs to fulfill the above mission. Under the administration of the Health Service Section, there is a healthcare center with three nurses, one part-time doctor and one part-time nutritionist to offer the following services: outpatient service, health and nutrition consultation, first-aid and medical care, emergency medical service, health insurance, medical check for new students, special case follow up, medical equipment and books loaning, health education, prevention of causalities, food hygiene education and speeches, offering of healthcare information medical consultation bonus package offered through integration of community healthcare resources, etc. For more information concerning health and hygiene, please consult our website: In addition, through collaboration with the students, we offer health care services at communities nearby.

Contact information:

• Phone: 886-4-23323000 ext 5031-5034
• e-mail:health@cyut.edu.tw


Service Learning Section

The purpose of establishing the Labor Education Section is to emphasize the importance of life education. Since the founding of Chaoyang University the school opened the course of labor service education. The course is planned and administered by our section. Through the planning of the course, all the freshmen should be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of all the buildings in the university. With labor service, we are enthusiastic to cultivate the students with diligent working attitudes and the spirits of dedication. Likewise, we expect to establish the campus culture of doing the work ourselves, being diligent and practical, and loving the school and treasuring good fortune, through the students’ participation in the labor jobs on campus. In addition, we also offer chances of work-study to help the students to earn their own living so that they can study without worry and complete their study smoothly.

Contact information:

• Phone: 886-4-23323000 ext 5041-5044

• e-mail:labor@cyut.edu.tw


Student Development Center

1. Psychological Consultation Service

It seems that worries and distresses are not avoidable in our lives. Hardly any people can go through the difficulties themselves. Entangled in the feelings of loss and pain. If people know how and where to get help, they can find support and assistance. Counseling and assistance are a process, through which the counselor interacts with the students to help themselves clarify the problems and understand themselves so that they can find appropriate ways to solve the problems.

In each semester, there are about 400-600 students coming for counseling services. The problems as relationship between genders and interrelationship are the most popular ones among the students. In addition, they also come to ask for suggestions on emotional management and career planning. Our full- time and part-time counselors are glad to give professional counseling services to the students as well as carry out promotional work on psychological hygiene with the expectation to accompany the students to spend their colorful university lives at Chao-Yang.

Our consultation hours are from 9:10 AM to 8:30 PM, Monday to Friday. In addition to the counselors of our school, we also employ experts in psychological counseling to act as counselors, offering more professional services to the students.

2. Psychology Testing Services

In our center, we offer various psychology tests. With the assistance of our professional counselors, the students can understand their own personalities, career aptitude, interrelationships, psychological health and conditions of study in more objective ways.

Psychological tests can be taken by any individual, class, or group.

3. Class Assistance and Group Counseling

With the assistance of the counselor, a class can explore the topic the students wish to understand with the solution designed by the counselor. In addition to preventing the behaviors of mal-adaptation, it can also help the students unblock their potentialities. Likewise, they can enjoy solid and meaningful university lives.

In group counseling, there are 8 to 12 members meeting regularly for 4 to 6 weeks. Guided by professional teachers, they explore the topics (such as relationship between genders, self-exploration, interrelations, etc.) they have common interest in. Through sharing and supporting each other, the participants can have more knowledge of their inner-selves and learn the skills of finding the best solutions to the problems.

4. Internship/Job Placement and Alumni Service

We believe that apart from the acquisition of knowledge through the completion of specialized courses, university education should also help students to enhance their self-awareness, life planning and career development so that they will have a good understanding of employment. University education is important because it has the function of nurturing students to become valuable talents who can contribute to society. Therefore, the Center has undertaken the tasks of activating student’s potential to carry out career planning, helping the students to improve their competitiveness in employment and enhancing alumni services as its main goals. The section offers various services such as career compatibility discovery courses, career development seminars, job opportunity presentations, employment/recruiting registrations, awards for professional skills and graduate surveys.

We hope that through these services, we would be able to guide the students in the right direction in life so that they can plan their future in advance and better themselves. Ultimately, we are committed to helping students find suitable jobs right after graduation and to be able to be familiar with their work in the shortest time possible.

Contact information:

• Phone: 886-4-23323000 ext 5051-5059 5061-5067

• e-mail:sdc@cyut.edu.tw


Housing Service Section

With our life education and hardware establishment, we provide students with high quality accommodation and service. We aim to promptly solve students’ living problems and satisfy their requirements. Relevant courses are opened and arts activities are held for students to enhance their life skills and interpersonal ability,

Specific practices are as follows:

1.      We set up Student Dormitory Counseling Office, which is responsible for dormitory management, cleaning maintenance and boarders’ life counseling services.

2.      We establish a platform of rental information, interview landlords, construct a safe environment and perfect facilities for students and provide a convenient location as well as reasonable prices for students who want to rent a house.

3.      We have essential functions of living, promote learning activities and provide learning services.

Contact information:

• Phone: 886-4-23323000 ext 5081-5082 5085-5087

• e-mail:hou@cyut.edu.tw


Services Section Evening Division

Chaoyang was approved by the Ministry of Education to set up its Evening Division consisting of a two-year system and a four-year system in 1995 as well as a Master’s degree program for working students in 1999, thus providing an opportunity for adult learners to further their studies as well as to serve the needs of local industries. Since then, the Evening Division has offered customized courses to meet the needs of the local working students. With the cooperation of the Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of General Affairs and other relevant Colleges and Departments in CYUT, we have successfully created a campus filled with the desire for learning and studying. This achievement was accomplished by our passion in providing high-quality administrative and academic services to meet the expectation of teachers and students on campus. Since August 1, 2011, the Evening Division was restructured with the goal being able to serve more students. Admissions Section and Curriculum Services Section was merged and renamed the Teaching and Learning Section (Evening Division) and is now managed by the Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs. Student Affairs Section was renamed the Services Section (Evening Division) and is now managed by the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs.

Contact information:

• Phone: 886-4-23323000 ext. 4631-4634

• E-mail: t2219@cyut.edu.tw


Campus Safety Center & Office of Military Instruction

Consolidate the goals of military , national defense education, student counseling and campus security ,there are three major works of military training instruction. Through the accomplishment of goal, we aim to elevate the consciousness of national defense for the people through cultivation in subtle manners. In addition, we are responsible to assist the school to carry out the works of the maintenance of campus security and offering life counseling services to the students to establish a secure learning environment.

1.     Military Training Courses: In the military training course for freshmen, there are 6 major areas, which are compulsory course with no credits. For the sophomore, junior, or senior, there are elective courses for their choices. According to the curriculum, there are two military training courses in the general education and curriculum in each semester respectively. They are Introduction to War and Seminar of National Defense Report in the first semester. The Analysis of the History of War and Sun Tzu’s Military Strategy in the second semester. The student can learn two credits in each course, accumulating 4 credits in total, which are regarded as graduation credits.

2.     Life Counseling: Through regular visit to the students living off-campus, we try to understand their living conditions , fire safety equipment, harmonious relationship with the neighbors, adaptation to life, etc. In addition, we visit the students who fell sick, suffered from car accident, and cut class frequently as our first priority. After the visit, if we discover any negligence in safety or any other problems, we will related to departments for further help, In addition, we will keep track of these cases.

3.     Maintenance of Campus Security: Employing the channels as university website, TV wall, departmental flag hoisting ceremony, and military training course, we would like to communicate the messages concerning security to the students. By integrating the functions of different websites, we offer the information concerning campus security, traffic security, off-campus accommodation security, catering security, etc. to the students. By constructing the campus security website, we communicate the security guidelines and provide download of different forms. In addition, we offer a forum for the students and faculties to exchange their perspectives and tell all the people on campus the information on new cases. For the doubts of the students and faculties, we will answer their questions or handle the matters immediately to consolidate campus security.
In each academic year, we sponsor fire drills, earthquake drills, disaster drills, escape (evacuate) from tall buildings exercise (including the operation of descending device) to intensify their students’ ability in handling emergencies and accomplish goals of preventing disasters from happening. Likewise, the campus can be free from major disasters.


Contact information:
Phone: 886-4-23323000 ext. 3043