*The duties of the sections and centers of Office of Student Affairs (Service Items)

1.Student Guidance Section

(1). The operation of student affairs committee
(2). Students’ attendance, conducts, awards, and penalty
(3). Traffic safety education and management
(4). Waiver of tuition fees and incidental fees, and student loans
(5). Military service and overseas Chinese students affairs
(6). Campus life counseling

2.Extracurricular Activities Section

(1). Counseling students on student affairs and activities
(2). Scholarships and students’ emergency aids
(3). Inter-departmental chorus contest and other activities on campus
(4). Assisting school anniversary activities and graduate ceremony

3.Health Service Section

(1). Stipulating and budgeting the hygiene projects for the school
(2). Health services such as student health check, student group insurance, follow-ups of special cases, and health consultation, etc.
(3). First-aid education, hygiene education, speeches on food hygiene, and the publications of health promotion materials
(4). Seeding volunteers training for campus emergency medical care

4.Service Learning Section

(1). Planning and implementing labor education
(2). Monitoring the courses and calculating the scores for labor education
(3). Managing, filing, and issuing students’ part-time work the pay
(4). Managing, monitoring, and evaluating temporary part-time jobs on campus
(5). Selecting, training, and managing labor service education checkers and supervisors

5.Student Development Center

(1). Planning and implementing advising and related works
(2). Planning and implementing counseling and related works
(3). Planning and implementing students counseling works
(4). Planning and implementing disabled students counseling and related works
(5). Planning and implementing case activities funded by the Ministry of Education
(6). Planning and implementing various employment counseling services
(7). Awarding students for their professional skills
(8). Compiling and reporting students’ internship information
(9). Providing students and businesses with employment and recruiting services, respectively
(10). Planning and organizing the task of contacting alumni
(11). Assisting all departments to establish corresponding alumni society
(12). Hosting questionnaire surveys on the employment conditions of the graduate students and the alumni

6.Housing Service Section

(1). Provide boarders’ life counseling.
(2). Support and promote Boarder Self-government Association.
(3). Provide drills of safety protection on fire, medical care, fleeing and evacuation.
(4). Hold newcomers welcoming activity, Voice of Chaoyang floor Kara orchestra competition, innovation activities, training of cadres.
(5). Support and promote rental service committee.
(6). Implement interviews with lessors or landlords regularly and ensure the safety of the premises.
(7). Hold activities for tenant.
(8). Provide rental information services and rental dispute mediation.

7.Services Section (Evening Division)

(1). Management of the Evening Division students’ conduct results, life and moral education, campus security and night traffic control .
(2). Management of the Evening Division students’ waiver of tuitions, student loans, subsidies for the disadvantaged and military service .
(3). Counseling the Evening Division students’ clubs and class activities as well as assisting application processing of all kinds of scholarships .
(4). Arrangement of meetings related to the student affairs including the meeting between the President and the incoming students, the meeting between Dean of Student Affairs and students, orientation for new-coming students, meeting for transferred students and students who have resumed their study .
(5). Planning and implementation of the Services Section (Evening Division) activities, the management of campus environment at night, and the anti-smoking campaign.
(6). Emergency management for the Evening Division students.

8.Mainland China Students Advising Section

(1). Arrange registration, accommodating, counseling and related activities.
(2). Hold Welcome and Send-off party, traditional festival celebrations and tours in Taiwan.
(3). Arrange health examination, bank account, cell phone number applying and its related affairs.
(4). Arrange home stay.
(5). Arrange airport pick-up, dormitory and residence certificate applying.
(6). Handle winter and summer vacation visit tour between students of CYUT and Mainland China.

9.Office of Military Instruction

(1). National Defense Education.
(2). Promote the national defense education.
(3). Maintain campus safety and crisis.
(4). Student Life Counseling.