*Positioning and Mission

The Office of Student Affairs was the administration unit of counseling work. Handling the students’ affairs for the entire school, we emphasize the counseling of the students’ professional know-how and carry through the school motto of “diligence, conduct, and fulfillment,” with which the students can be educated to become high tech personnel with humanistic concern and technological know-how, in accordance to the ideal of “skills at hands, knowledge in the minds, responsibility on the shoulders, people in the eyes, love in their hearts, and smiles on their faces.” Our goals are:


  1.Enhance the environment of “whole-personality education” and create proper values in order to cultivate the students into the engineers of the minds so that they can help themselves as well as other people. custom writing

  2.Emphasis is put on student guidance, the respect to profession, and the physical training in order to cultivate the students to learn and behave with proper conduct, be responsible and healthy.

  3.With the manner of “self-management, self-discipline, self-respect, and self-love,” we aim to counsel the students manage their college lives themselves and to stimulate their potentials. Likewise, they are able to absorb the knowledge outside curriculum, and learn to control their emotions and cultivate interrelationship.

  4.Consolidate community service: we aim to cultivate the students to love their school, treasure their fortunes, and to contribute their love in order to establish an excellent relationship with the community.